Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Ramona C. Bryan
Board President

I believe people heal and blossom to their fullest potential when nutritional needs are met. Good nutrition is not the single answer to health and healing but it is most definitely foundational to achieve best outcomes for our well being — especially when combined with rest and exercise.

I sincerely hope that the Bryan Blossom Foundation can make a positive impact by working to educate others about the healing power of the natural life-giving foods this amazing planet provides us. It is ancient wisdom famously expressed in the maxim: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Joann Doyle
Board Treasurer

I have always had an awareness of how food plays a critical role in our everyday life. I came to more closely recognize this importance as I grew older.

When I was younger at the dinner table, I recall there was always a protein, a vegetable, and some starch for dinner. In my family, dessert was limited, along with “junk food”. I was an active child, slender and healthy. While I had the occasional cold, I was overall a very healthy child, and my parents and sister enjoyed similar good health. One could argue that we simply had good genes, but I believe that our healthy diet, and lack of junk food, were the main reasons behind our good health.

As an adult, I can eat what I want. Interestingly, I still choose to eat the same healthy foods as I did when I was a child, and my good health continues today. I believe that food has a powerful impact on our health, and having a healthy relationship with food is essential.

I find the old adage “we are what we eat” to carry an enormous amount of truth. I personally do not want to take an over the counter pill to prevent my heartburn. I don’t want to take a pill because I have high cholesterol. I also don’t want to pay a monthly subscription to a diet program.

I’m excited to serve as a board member for the Bryan Blossom Foundation because I believe that nutrition plays a vital role in our lives, and I look forward to helping to impart that critical message to more people. By partnering with educators, health practitioners, and others in the field of nutrition and integrative medicine, I’m looking forward to helping the Bryan Blossom Foundation to further holistic approaches for disease prevention and management.

Janet Evans
Board Secretary

I became involved with the Bryan Blossom Foundation because I personally have experienced how food can be used to mediate illness. By following a diet that addressed a chronic autoimmune disease and a hormonal imbalance caused by acute stress, I was able to rebalance my hormones and push the disease into remission before my condition cascaded into a much more serious state. Now I maintain a status of well-being and I work to avert further imbalance and disease.

Anyone who has endured its loss knows that health is the most fundamental form of wealth. Unfortunately, too often we learn of its value only after the loss of our health negatively impacts our finances, our relationships, and our quality of life.

While there are many factors that we can’t control, we can control the choices we make. Our well-being is influenced by the cumulative effect of our daily habits, and the consequences of those habits compound as we age. We can choose to be mindful of how we care for our bodies, or we can choose to be neglectful. I’ve seen people take better care of their cars than of their own bodies, and you can’t trade in your body for a new one!

It’s difficult to navigate through the constant advances in agriculture and food science and the barrage of information and misinformation. This is why I am involved with the Bryan Blossom Foundation. It is dedicated to supporting quality research and to sharing accurate and accountable information to help individuals and communities make informed decisions that support their goals of attaining and maintaining healthy bodies.

Beth Brinson

I am thrilled to be part of the Bryan Blossom Foundation that seeks to help advance new paradigms in health. As a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, I can tell you that nothing is more important than a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Without these, our quality of life diminishes, and everything becomes more difficult.

As a lifelong vegetarian, I can personally attest to the power of healthy nutritional choices. My parents raised me on whole foods with a healthy focus on fruits and vegetables. They also raised me with healthy lifestyle values (that I continue to practice), which are shared by some of the most long-lived populations in the world. Called “Blue Zones,” these areas are defined as having a higher than usual number of people enjoying much longer and healthier lives than average. There are many reasons people in Blue Zones live longer, but the central themes are a focus on nutritional and lifestyle well-being.

If you take a few moments to reflect on your well-being, you might discover your next step in creating better health. Do you have enough energy throughout the day to do all you are called to do? Is your life where you want it to be? Do you feel excited at the beginning of each day and grateful when you lie down at night? Do you generally feel vital, alive, hopeful, supported, connected, and inspired? I ask these questions because so much of our well-being relies on happiness, fulfillment, and optimal health.

For decades, the health profession has focused on helping individuals restore health through exchanging habits—replacing less desirable behaviors with better ones. It’s a necessary action and successful to some degree for most everyone. However, life satisfaction is undoubtedly the missing piece that makes it possible for us to sustain any changes we make. Having worked with more than a thousand people in my practice, I can tell you that there is always an opportunity to improve health. We live in a changing world that brings more and more challenges to health each day. Small and powerful steps in a direction that provides more enjoyment and wholeness are the way to go, and I am committed.